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This meeting will be held from 23-rd to 24-th May 2017  in conference room of L building of Technical University of Liberec


Detailed informations can be found in the file  Pozvánka a přihláška na Setkání mat kat 2017.docx

Pragolab s.r.o. and Centrum pro nanomateriály, pokročilé technologie

invite you to seminar


held on Tuesday 17th May 2016 from 9:00 to 13:00

at building "L" of TU of Liberec, Bendlova street 7, conference room

with following program:

09:00 Introductory word from prof. Petr Louda and Ladislav Náměstek

09:10 Petra Volfová - Physical measurements and particles characterization

09:35 Viktor Škorík - Macro- and micro world in microscopy - Stereo, digital and confocal microscopy

10:00 Discussion, coffee break and refreshment

10:15 Pavel Janderka - Materials surfaces and methods of their study

10:40 Roman Mareček - Alternative for particles characterization

11:05 Jiří Dalecký - Lyofilizators and rotation centrifugation vacuum concentrators of Marin Christ Co.

11:30 Discussion, coffee break and refreshment

11:45 Magda Voldřichová - Organic analysis in materials engineering

12:10 Veronika Plisková - Choice of column for your application

12:30 Discussion, seminar conclusion

Further information and registration: Bc. Irena Novotná, tel.: 48 535 3137

Info na WWW Pragolab


Detailed Information : Ing. Adam Hotař, Ph.D.
tel.: 48 535 3136,3115
fax.: 48 535 3631

More informations

Summer School of Technology of Treatment and Evaluation of Metallic Materials Structure,

which is ensured by Department of Material Science and Department of Engineering Technology
will be held from 22nd to 28th May 2014 (from Thursday to Friday and from Monday to Wednesday) in blocks from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the frame of internal development project. This event follows freely the last year successfull laboratory course which was performed in the frame centralized development project and is open for last year participants.
More info in PDF file

Seminar Modern Methods of Metallography Sample Preparation

is held by TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF LIBEREC, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Center of Excellence, HANYKO Praha, Ltd. on Tuesday 15-th April 2014 from 12:30 at Department of Material Science - classroom KM1 – 2-nd floor, (building F – Husova 75) Invitation


Potential Application of Plasma and Nanomaterials - PAPN 2013

will be held at opportunity of sixty anniversary of founding of Technical University of Liberec

This conference is dedicated to application of nanomaterials and plasma treatments of material surface esspecially in medicine applications and continues in tradition of PANMS conferences, helded under support of project Nanocontact in last years.

Conference topics:


Needs of biomedicine fields


Nanomaterials - thin layers, nanofibers, ...

Materials charakterisation

Plasma technologies

Technology of namomaterials manufacturing

Processes simulation


The conference will be held from 16th to 17th September 2013 in compound of hotel "U Kláštera" in Liberec. It is addressed to specialized public. In the frame of conference programe consisted from invited lectures can be published your own contributions in form of posters, which will be edited as a Book of Extended Abstracts. Conference languages: Czech and English. Conference fee 1500 Kč, payable upto 15. 8. 2013. Registration together with abstracts (1x A4 abstrakt, resp. 2-3x A4 fulltext) are accepted upto end of june 2013 on All questions about conference can be send here as well

We are looking forward to meet you

Ing. Adam Pazourek, PhD. a Ing. Zuzana Andršová, organization committe

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Seminar Modern Methods of Metallography Sample Preparation

is held by TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF LIBEREC, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Center of Excellence, HANYKO Praha, Ltd. on Wednesday 10-th April 2013 from 10 a.m. at Department of Material Science - classroom KM1 – 2-nd floor, (building F – Husova 75) Invitation

Materials for Biomedicine on PANMS 2012 Conference

3-rd PANMS 2012 Conference (Potential and applications of nanotreatment of medical surfaces 2012) is held from 3-rd to 5-th September at International Center for Spiritual Rehabilitation in v Hejnice (, organized by Department of Material Science of Technical University of Liberec.

Topics of conference which is meant not only for experts from both universities and industry but also for students are applications of surface nanotreatments in field of health implements and biomedicine. Program of conference consists from topical contributions with subjects: Requirements of medicine branches, implants, biomechanics, plasma technologies of surface treatment, bionics, technology of nanomaterial manufacturing, etc. Conference languages are Czech and English.

The aim of conference is to enable exchange of informations and personal contacts among experts from various fields. The sharing of knowledge and establishment of collaboration among scientific and research workers from both technical and medicine branches together with industrial companies, doctors and other workers of biomedicine branches can occur.

The attendance is free of cost. The 20 minute presentation or posters can be registered. Proceedings contributions are in english with maximum extent 4 pages of A4 after draft. All participants shall recieve conference proceedings with contributions.

This conference is supported by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic. All of this within OP EC project No.: CZ.1.07/2.4.00/12.0061.

More informations:

In case of interest please contact organizators of conference using e-mail:

Invitation to seminar of David Brychta


Monday 12-th March 2012 at 10:40 a.m., classroom KM1

ABSTRACT: The designers are informed by European standards EN about important material properties of cast iron on basis from 40 to 50 years old sources. Testing of mechanical properties is based on definitions of conventional limit states. Nowadays the construction and simulation programs for designing of transport means parts use for assignment outdated entries. Data from atests or statistic checking are missing extremes. The aim of dissertation will be determination of methodics and conditions for testing of actual limit states with sastisfactory reproducibility claiming for implementation (eventually changes) of relevant standards. Furthemore will be deduced conclusions and recommendations for enhancement of information content of existed measurement methods results. The testing methods of cast iron mechanical properties and together description of new method, after which the experiment will be performed, will be described in thesis.

9th International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing

June 27-30th, 2011, Hejnice, Czech Republic hosted by the Technical University of Liberec

23.9.2010 / Protection of intellectual property

Our Department prepares together with patent consultant Ing. Václav Strnad and BPQM company - (Better Production by Quality Maintenance) several patent drafts. Protection of intellectual property is one of most important activities of Department of Material Science. The result of this efforts is the fact that utility design draft Holding fixture for measurement of specific electric resistance by four point method (draft number= 2010-22876), Filing Date: 23.06.2010, Publication Date 19.08.2010) of Ing. Adam Pazourek and Ing. Miroslav Zejbrdlík was registered.

9th International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing

June 27-30th, 2011, Hejnice, Czech Republic hosted by the Technical University of Liberec

1.8.2010 /Zelená technice [Green Light for Technique]

The project of Technical University of Liberec named "Green Light for Technique" was started from 1-st September 2010 with the aim to enhance the interest in technical branches on basic schools and multiannual gymnasium. The partners to popularity enhancement of technical branches are Základní škola [Basic school] Sokolovská, F. X. Šalda Gymnasium, Základní škola [Basic school] Lesní and Základní škola s rozšířenou výukou jazyků [Basic school with extended languages education] Husova. Zelená technice [Green Light for Technique]

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